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BM Travel Motorbike Tour – The Number 1 Motorbike Tours Operator in Vietnam

About Motorbike Tour Market in Vietnam

Recently, the favor that visitors have for motorbike tours in Vietnam has created a vibrant market with keen competition between many operators. However, only a few companies give priority to optimizing the customer experience.

A professional operator will ensure that their tours are carefully researched in terms of destinations, routes, and schedules. In addition to the business license and certificates, they must also have a team of experienced tour guides who have enough knowledge to support and bring more value to customers. Accommodation, restaurants, accompanying services, and activities used in the tours are also an essential factor in assessing the quality of a travel company.

But in fact, for a better profit, many companies are willing to create cheap tours with all kinds of discounts to attract tourists. To save costs, they hire inexperienced tour guides with no international travel certificate. Accommodation and services they provide are much worse than what they advertise. Joining these tours, visitors will feel disappointed and not want to return to Vietnam.

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BM Travel Motorbike Tour – Come with Difference

So what makes BM Travel Motorbike Tour different from other companies? That is our willingness to perfect the experience of customers. We bring only high-quality services as committed. What we are most proud of is our team of professional tour guides. Not only do they possess international travel certificates, but they also have many years of working experience, as well as profound knowledge of tourism, attractions, culture, cuisine, routes, etc. Their motorcycling skills and proficiency in different languages also turn them into real road warriors.

Moreover, we provide well-maintained dirt bikes, touring bikes, and endure bikes of 2015-2017 versions. Our mechanics check the motorbikes regularly to make sure they are in the best condition. We also research our tours meticulously so our customers can have unforgettable moments in Vietnam. We will together explore untouched sites, admire remarkable sceneries, learn about unique local culture and cuisine, and participate in a variety of exciting activities. As a result, our tours are worth every penny.

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The Vision of BM Travel Motorbike Tour

Our ambition is to become the best motorcycle tour operator in Vietnam with high-quality motorbike tours, enduro tours, as well as Vietnam 4×4 tours. We also strive to optimize the customer satisfaction index.

The Mission of BM Travel Motorbike Tour

Our mission is to bring customers precious moments in Vietnam via motorbike tours exploring the most impressive places. We do not merely offer visitors a tour; we share with them a journey.

Comparison table of services between BM Travel Motorbike Tour and other operators




  • High risk of price traps
  • Many hidden extra fees
  • The motorbike cost may not be included
  • Separate services require more payment
  • Tours focus on the operator’s profit


  • Full-package tours:
    • Local experts
    • Motorbikes
    • Researched Routes
    • Accommodation
    • Meals
    • Gasoline
    • Boat trips
    • Entrance tickets
    • Helmets, Gloves, Specialized jacket
    • Hotel pick up
  • No hidden extra cost
  • Reasonable price
  • Tours focus on customers’ experiences
  • May send mechanics instead of tour guides
  • Tour guides with no international travel license
  • Use seasonal tour guides who are lack of experience and knowledge
  • May make you pay for tour guides’ accommodation, meals,  and petrol
  • Experienced tour guides with profound knowledge of different fields
  • Tour guides can communicate fluently in English, Spanish, or French
  • All tour guides possess international travel card
  • Tour guides’ motorcycling skill is excellent
  • No extra money spending for tour guides
  • May give you motorbikes rented from other suppliers with no checking
  • High risk of old-version motorbikes which are not in the sufficiently good condition
  • Often use bad motorcycle oil
  • Provide different types of motorbikes:
    • Dirt bikes (Honda CRF250L, DRZ400, XR150L)
    • Enduro bikes (Yamaha WR450F, Kawasaki KRL450R)
    • Touring bikes (BMW GS1200, Triumph Tiger)
  • All the bikes are 2015 – 2017 versions
  • Mechanics check the bikes regularly to maintain their best condition
  • Use motor oil of the highest quality
  • Mainly rent homestay or a motel instead of a hotel
  • Cheap homestay or motel is not convenient
  • Accommodation with a poor view
  • Use homestay for a maximum of 20% time of the tours (often less)
  • Rent the best homestays and hotels highly recommended on TripAdvisor
  • Rarely research the routes
  • Use popular routes only
  • Lack of knowledge about the area causing hidden danger to the whole team
  • Usually, find new routes and carefully research before applying
  • Professional tour guides with wide knowledge can tell visitors about the unique features of every single area in detail
  • Enhance touring motorcycle experiences by using unusual trails

Why is BM Travel Motorbike Tour your perfect choice?

Brilliant Local Experts

First and foremost, we have an unstoppable passion for exploring Vietnam by motorbike. With that passion, we have participated in different kinds of tours. As a result, we know what factors make a tour successful. With our team of English, Spanish, French tour guides, as well as excellent mechanics, we are ready to bring you the utmost satisfaction.

Motorcycles in the Best Condition

BM Travel Motorbike Tour has a policy, which is to prioritize investing in motorcycles. We want to ensure that our customers do not have even the slightest worry about the vehicles. We offer a wide range of motorbikes, especially enduro bikes and dirt bikes. All of them are of big brands and imported from Japan. We check them regularly to make sure that they are always in their best condition. Our professional bikers know which motorcycle is the most suitable for each route. We are willing to provide supporting motorbikes and mechanics, depending on your budget and group size. Moreover, if the bike you use in the journey has any problems, we will replace it with another one of the same types.

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Fantastic Tour Guides

With many years working in the tourism industry, we understand that the critical factor to a successful trip is the people. Therefore, all of our tour guides are outstanding. First of all, they intensely love traveling by motorbike and have spent many years leading tourists to explore every corner of Vietnam. Consequently, their ability to drive and professional experience is undoubtedly excellent. They know how to deal with difficult situations and where to admire the best sceneries. Secondly, their profound knowledge in many fields will surely surprise you. Thirdly, they have sufficient language ability to serve customers from different countries. Last but most important, their spirit and friendliness will make your trip more vivid than ever. With them on the team, your journey is truly complete.

Maximum Support

In addition to our experienced tour guides, we always arrange mechanics and a professional medic with the full necessary equipment. A team of 10 mechanics and a Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4×4 accompanied will ensure you don’t have to worry in any emergency.

Exceptional Routes

BM Travel Motorbike Tour can proudly claim that we always try to improve our products. We not only upgrade the quality of service on available tours but also research to find new roads and new routes. We want our customers to have unique experiences. We lead you to discover the essence of every single area, not just the superficial exterior. We don’t disappoint the visitors with typical routes. Every trip is worth it – that’s our commitment.

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We can flexibly organize tours for an individual or a large group. For the different groups, we have corresponding services. For a group of 6 and above, we will arrange a mechanic, a tour leader, and of course, an English speaking tour guide. For a group of 10 and more, one more English speaking and a 4×4 Wilkdtrak will accompany. In case you want a tour guide speaking another language, you should contact us first. For a group of more than 16, we provide full services. But for this group size, customers will need to book six months in advance for perfect preparation.

Finest Accommodation

We guarantee that you will get the utmost convenience in the top best accommodation. Losing our customers’ trust by renting cheap homestay and motel is not the way we run our business. You will certainly enjoy unique Vietnamese cuisine, as well as relax in places with an extraordinary view. You have our words.

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Reasonable Price

The price of the tours will depend on many factors such as the tourism season, the vehicles you use, the size of your group. However, you can rest assured that we provide high-quality services at reasonable prices. As we always say, the primary measure of our success is your satisfaction, not your money.

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