Ha Giang Loop Tours: Awesome Experiences for Thrill-Seekers

Motorbike tours in Ha Giang loop become trendy in about 5 or 6 years. Now, leaving the bustling life in luxurious cities to run on your amazing two wheels, enjoy majestic natural sceneries, the indigenous culture of ethnic minorities does not remain a dream. As a legendary destination to both local and foreign travelers, Ha Giang tour ensures that all exploration enthusiasts will live their best moments through enchanting loops, gorgeous mountains, and clouds.

If you are just new to Ha Giang loop tours, it is important for you to choose a reliable motorbike tour operator in Vietnam. BM Travel Motorbike Tour is one of the few Vietnamese travel companies that offer travelers the rare chance to enjoy the best moments through unknown roads of Ha Giang loop tours. Keep reading to discover the miracle of Ha Giang! 

Top 6 Ha Giang loop routes for thrill-seekers

Ha Giang – Lao Chai valley – Quan Ba Heaven Gate – Lung Tam – Lim Mong – Yen Minh 

If you are looking for the most fulfilling and challenging experience, we ensure that you will get it when driving through rugged single-track roads on this road trip. Located about 50 km from Ha Giang City, go straight through road QL4C, you will absolutely immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of terraced fields, mountains or waterfalls of Lao Chai valley. 

Ha Giang Loop Bike Tours
Ha Giang Motorbike Tours

Not so far from Lao Chai village, located the Quan Ba Heaven Gate, where you will get your first moments of exhilarating views through challenging, steep slopes. However, the incredible views will quickly make you forget about the dangers. On the height of 1500m above sea level, the poetic Muong Hoa valley shrouded in mist and floating clouds on the majestic Fansipan mountain slopes.  

Located a short distance from Quan Ba heaven gate, you will pass through Lung Tam commune where it still retains the traditional culture of Lung Tam brocade weaving village. Cruising down from the Quan Ba Heaven Gate, Lung Tam nestled among misty peaks of clouds where we can enjoy the breathtaking views of the blue sky, the bright yellow sun, and the green field.

Head to Lim Mong village, the natural beauty of terraced fields stretching over 73 km around the mountains, craggy rocks and up-and-down slopes. The mountains are hidden in the mist and the gently terraced fields lead us to an extremely unforgettable experience through Yen Minh commune. The landscape quickly transforms into a water painting covered with lush jungle.  

Hoang Su Phi – Tay Con Linh – Thanh Thuy border gate

Harvest season is the best time to visit Hoang Su Phi where you can dive into the geographic characteristics with golden terraces. Dangerous but beautiful. These Ha Giang loop tours require the drivers to be courageous and experienced to safely cross the rugged roads. With a height of 2,427 m, Tay Con Linh mountain is the highest peak in the Northeast, often known as the “Northeastern roof” of Vietnam. 

Ha Giang Motorbike tours

Wind your way through 20 km of massive peaks and canyons from Ha Giang city to the Northwest, Thanh Thuy border gate is also an attractive place for tourists to experience the interesting lives of people in the border region. What makes Thanh Thuy border gate special is that it is also where the Super Enduro 2019 race in Vietnam took place. This helps raise curiosity and attracts thousands of the best riders out there. 

Yen Minh – Tham Ma slope – Sung La valley – Pho Cao village- Hmong King’s Palace- Lung Cu Flag Tower- Dong Van 

Tham Ma slope is considered as an opening gateway to famous places such as Ma Pi Leng, Sung La valley, Pho Bang, Lung Cu flagpole,.. As one of the most dangerous routes in Northeast Vietnam, the small pass challenges thrill-seekers with its nine dangerous curves. 

Following the route through tight slopes, we will arrive in Pho Cao, a peaceful valley located in Dong Van district which is famous for its pristine, rustic beauty. Open your eyes to admire hundred-year-old houses with clay walls and yin-yang tile roofs, surrounded by a stone gate hidden in the misty fog. 

Vietnam Motorbike Tours to Ha Giang

Leaving Pho Cao, Sung La appears with a fairy-like scenery peeking out of yellow flower fields, hidden under the canopies of plum and peaches. Then, Hmong King’s Palace will attract you with the beautiful, rare and very unique architecture of this plateau. Coming to the Lũng Cú Flag Tower will also serve your taste of nature with the beautiful terraced landscape of the Lo Lo ethnic group in the Sau Sung village and mingle among a vast forest of Tam Giac Mach flowers. 

Departing for Dong Van mountainous district, you will be seduced by the bustle and prosperity of Dong Van town with Chinese architecture and red lanterns, waterfalls flowing from the top of the mountain like white thread, creating a very poetic picture for the rocky plateau. 

Dong Van Town- Ma Pi Leng pass – Nho Que river – Meo Vac town – Khau Vai love market

Once you’re ready to start your trip to magnificent loops from Dong Van town, stay calm to cross the majestic and wild Ma Pi Leng pass in 20 km long and the Nho Que river flowing through Tu San mountain pass. With rugged terrain and majestic pristine landscapes, Ma Pi Leng pass deserves to be one of the “four greatest mountain peaks” of the northern mountainous region of Vietnam. 

Ha Giang Motorbike Tours to Nho Que River

At the end of the pass, it is a very impressive route to visit Sam Pun – Meo Vac town, you will be impressed by the romantic Khau Vai love market which is held once a year on March 27. This is where men and women with broken hearts meet and find their new happiness in life and arise their faith in love again. 

Bao Lac – Du Gia – Mau Due – Ha Giang

From Meo Vac along road 217 to Bao Lac, Du Gia and Mau Due are two communes of Yen Minh district included in the length of 73 km of pristine and challenging mountains. Crossing through steep slopes, it is time to once again dip in the most magnificent terraced fields on the rocky plateau. This loop is enchanting with flower fields, dotted with cat-eared rocks. Wake your peaceful moments up in this unspoiled silent land. 

Ha Giang Motorbike tours to Du Gia

Quang Nguyen – Bac Son Valley- Lang Son

Starting from Quang Nguyen commune, which is covered with rugged high mountains, through QL2 to the northwest of Lang Son province, tourists can explore the pristine beauty of nature as a charming picture of Bac Son valley. Taste a sense of peace, welcome a beautiful new day with floating white mist around forests, and experience the unique traditional cultural identity of the ethnic communities right away. 

Off-road Ha Giang Motorbike tours

Top 3 amazing Ha Giang loop tours by BM Travel Motorbike Tour

Ha Giang loop tours are a must for any travelers who are seeking unique and challenging experience through conical limestone peaks and meandering valleys. Capturing the needs of thrill-seekers, BM Travel Motorbike Tour designed the best epic Ha Giang loop tours for adventure souls which are the most favorite choices of thousands of motorcycling explorers.

Let’s discover what’s special about these routes. 

Hanoi – Ha Giang – Ba Be National Park (6 days)

Get the most fun-filled, exciting ride from Hanoi to Ha Giang- Ba Be National Park for 6 days with an extremely budget-saving tour with Ha Giang motorbike tours organised by BM Travel Motorbike Tour right away. We swear that no travel agency else has ever turned this motorcycling loop into an enduro tour. On this trip, tourists can also visit most of the most famous landmarks in Northern Loop Vietnam, especially the Ha Giang loop. Throw all worries away and cross the two biggest lakes in Northeast Vietnam: Thac Ba and Ba Be lake. Refill your energy in 2 nights at Vu Linh homestay of Dao Tien people (Thac Ba)  and 1 homestay of Tay people in Pac Ngoi local village in the heart of Ba Be National Park. 

Northern Loop Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Ha Giang – Ma Pi Leng Pass – Bao Lac (5 days)

This Ha Giang off-road tour is the same as the 6-day tour to Thac Ba but it allows explorers to discover the whole route since tourists will start their rides from Ha Giang instead of Hanoi. Fill your time with fun and excitement to the most spectacular destinations like Quan Ba, Yen Minh town, Dong Van,….Prepare to enjoy your time through the 70-km route via Du Gia – Mau Due road full of spectacular and romantic landscapes.  

Ha Giang Loop Motorbike Tours

Hanoi – Ha Giang – Lang Son ( 8 days) 

Enjoy the true adventure with a longer ride from Hanoi to plateaus upon plateaus of the colorful terraces, majestic granite mountains, and pink buckwheat flowers of Ha Giang. This time, aside from magnificent sceneries in Ha Giang, tourists will have the chance to be overwhelmed by releasing themselves in Dong Van – Meo Vac and Non Nuoc-Cao Bang, the two well-known global geological parks. Serve your taste of thrilling experiences and relax your mind through the loop trails to the most famous landmarks in the Northeast such as Thac Ba Lake, Dai Hung Waterfall, Ban Gioc Waterfall, and the dreamy Bac Son valley.

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Each day is a new chance for us to open our eyes and discover the beauty of the Earth. And, that’s why BM Travel Motorbike Tour always tries to bring the best Ha Giang loop tours which promise all the most unique experiences to motorcycle enthusiasts.

Ha Giang motorbike tours will be a great experience with you, to rent a good motorbike to conquer Ha Giang Loop Tours. You can see here: Ha Giang motorbike rental: Handy tips for a perfect tour.