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Motorbike riding in Vietnam is considered a national specialty that any foreign travelers, especially adventure lovers, desire to try once in their life. Throughout every corner of the S-shaped country, from crowded streets to off-road trails, you can easily see two-wheelers moving in great number. The Vietnamese use this vehicle for different purposes, working, traveling, or off-roading.

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If this is the first time you have come to Vietnam, then riding a motorbike is certainly a must-try thing. We bet that it will be an awesome experience during your trip. And our tips below promise to give you deep knowledge of the preparation for a motorbike trip in Vietnam.

How is the traffic in Vietnam?

People who have visited Vietnam often has one of the three experiences about the traffic here. One, they find it terrible. Two, they find it exciting. Three, they have a mixed feeling about it. But there is one thing in common: the traffic in Vietnam is something they will not forget in their lives. So let’s find out some about this topic!

Although the number of cars is increasing in Vietnam, the most popular vehicle here is still motorbikes (mostly scooters and underbone bikes). This is the difference between this Southeast Asian country and most Western countries. In this S-shaped land, you can see different vehicles (trucks, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, etc.) moving on the same road. Also, it’s hard to say that public transport is developed here.

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The road condition is quite complicated. Of course, the main roads and highways are often of a functional state as they are upgraded regularly. However, there are still narrow roads with potholes not only in the countryside or small cities but even in some districts of big cities. In mountainous regions, people sometimes have to move on trails. This is still a problem to resolve, but so far, we can make us of the dirt tracks to create a tourism uniqueness.

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Safety tips

These tips will make sure that your experiences while driving in Vietnam won’t go wrong.

First, use a high-quality helmet. Wearing a helmet while riding a motorbike is compulsory in our country, but Vietnamese people still utilize cheap yet useless products. Don’t make the same mistake.

Second, don’t drink alcohol before mounting on your motorcycle. That’s illegal in Vietnam, and quite dangerous as well.

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Next, ride with the flow. Vietnamese people know the traffic here better than anyone else, so it’s advisable to follow them.

Last but not least, double your attention before crossing intersections. We need to beware of those who decide to break the law. And one more thing, get used to people who keep honking all the time.

What kinds of documents do you need to have while motorbiking around Vietnam?

Motorbike insurance in Vietnam

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In Vietnam, the big insurance companies such as Bao Viet National Insurance Company or some other international insurance companies such as French and Japanese companies will offer insurance to you on the condition that you have a motorbike license in Vietnam. For this very reason, it is important for you to buy motorbike insurance in your country before coming to Vietnam to join motorbike tours.

Is the international driving license valid in Vietnam?

In fact, no driving license is completely valid in Vietnam, even an international driving license. It should be translated into Vietnamese (by Vietnam Embassy or other relevant agencies). If you have a car driving license, most Vietnam insurance companies see that you can drive in Vietnam. Thus, management agencies will accept such documents. The questions regarding motorbike driving license in Vietnam are related mainly to your insurance. On the other hand, if you are working in Vietnam under contract with at least a 6-month term, it is easy for you to obtain a local driving license.

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Local traffic policemen often don’t stop foreigners or ignore foreigners. They also don’t check motorbike driving license because they are not good at English or not confident to solve foreign-related issues. Moreover, at that time, they can solve hundreds of cases of other Vietnamese violators. However, in Mui Ne, traffic policemen started to check the foreign driving license.

According to unofficial information, Vietnam is included in the list of countries that accept the international driving license for foreign drivers in Vietnam.

Motorbike tours in Vietnam

Why should you join a motorbike tour?

Vietnam is full of attractions that we should visit by motorbike. By using a motorcycle, we can visit more spots than trekking or driving a car. However, traveling in Vietnam by bike without a detailed itinerary and instructions can hardly give you the best experiences. There are plenty of places, routes, and events that only professional tour operators know. Furthermore, there are dangerous areas where you need a hand of local experts.

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In a motorbike tour, experienced tour guides will give you a profound knowledge of the history, culture, meaning, and secrets of every destination. It may take you several days to find out why so many ethnic groups come to Khau Vai Love Market. Especially when you come to BM Travel Adventure, we can introduce the most suitable bike for different routes. Not only do our tour guides have comprehensive knowledge in many fields, but they can also handle most courses in Vietnam. Besides excellent foreign language skills, they know what to do when your bikes have a problem.

How to book a tour with BM Travel Adventure

We have to admit that BM Travel Adventure is a professional yet not really big tour operator. So to arrange your tour in the best way, we need 6-8 months to set up everything correctly. Therefore, you should contact us for the same amount of time in advance. For a group of five tourists and more, we cannot always be available.

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Once we confirm the tour arrangement, we will send you a link on Onepay. You will pay 3 percent of the total cost first on the link. This money serves as a guarantee because once we arrange a tour for you, we have to say no to some other groups. The service of Onepay is not only safe and straightforward, but it is 3.6 percent cheaper than banks’ services. The rest can be paid by Visa card or in cash when you are in Vietnam.

How about supporting motorbikes? 

We know that a good motorbike is the first assurance for a memorable trip, so we have invested a lot in the vehicles. All the bikes we offer are imported from Japan and of excellent condition. They may not be brand new motorbikes, but they are undoubtedly good enough to conquer the country’s toughest routes. Here are the bikes we have for you: Honda CRF250L, Honda XR 250R, Honda XR 150L, Nouvo Yamaha 125cc, New 100cc Air Blade Series 2011, check the motorbike rental

And: Our Motorcycle 

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The price of our tours does not often include spare motorbikes, but we offer a reasonable price for additional bikes. In case the motorcycle you use on the trip breaks down for some reason, you can have an alternative one to replace immediately.

How can you prepare for a perfect motorcycle trip?

For different tours and routes, we will recommend how you should arrange your belongings. However, we’d better not bring so many things as this is often unnecessary and inconvenient. In our warehouse on Hanoi’s outskirts, we already have protective clothes, helmets, and gloves. But it’s advisable to bring your own ones (if you have) as you will probably feel more comfortable with your stuff.

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On motorbike tours, we will use protective clothing and helmet specialized for motorcycling. Besides leather gloves, we will bring either leather boots or plastic boots, depending on the climate of the destinations and the weather. When it comes to clothing, we suggest that you bring more T-shirts and underwear instead of too many trousers. Sweaters and jackets are necessary if you travel in winter or visit remote destinations.
Bringing a basic first-aid kit is a must. Also, you should have some cash to buy things or use them in urgent situations. Other items like mobile phones with active GPS and Internet, mosquito repellent, sun cream, standby charger, flashlight, or sunglasses should be in your luggage. You can bring some other personal stuff as well, but don’t forget to have at least one emergent phone number that can be found easily.

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Unnecessary things can be left at our warehouse or office. Those things can also be transported to the final destination if the tours don’t start nor end in Hanoi. You need to pay for this, but the price is not a big deal. In short, we will try to make everything as convenient as possible so you can have the most exceptional experiences.