Adventurous Motorbike Tour to Northeast Vietnam – 8 days

8/DaysHanoi Night train to Lao Cai →Sa Pa → Bac Ha Market→ Ha Giang→ Dong Van→ Bao Lac→Cao Bang→Quang Uyen→ Ban Gioc waterfall→ Lang Son→Hanoi

There are hundreds of reasons for adventure enthusiasts to travel around Northeast Vietnam at least once in their lives. Diverse terrain, incredible off-road trails, breathtaking scenery along with unique colors of ethnic minorities make this land an ideal destination for memorable motorbike rides.

Not too long nor too short, this 8-day Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tour is the perfect choice for those who do not have much time in Vietnam. It gives visitors a golden opportunity to get closer to nature as well as explore all the hidden beauty of people and land in Northeast Vietnam. Vast terraced fields, majestic mountain ranges, stunning valleys, impressive stilt houses, and friendly faces – our tour opens the door to new experiences and unexpected things.

Tour highlights

  • Covers almost the most prominent destinations in Northeast Vietnam such as Sapa, Dong Van Karst Plateau, Ban Gioc Waterfall and more
  • Ride on spectacular lesser-known beaten roads
  • Discover the unique customs and traditions of Vietnamese hill tribes
  • Experience overnight stays at traditional homestays to learn more about the culture and daily life of the locals
  • Enjoy local specialties
  • Itinerary and riding level can be adjustable according to your needs.
  • Tour Grade : Medium
  • Total Distance : 1200 Km
  • Hours of Riding per day : 3- 5 Hours
  • Support : Disposible
  • Mixed on road and off-road
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Day 1: Lao Cai - Sapa - Bac Ha

The night before scheduled departure, we move to Hanoi Station to catch the night train from Hanoi to Lao Cai city. It takes about 6 hours to reach Lao Cai Station. From here, we ride to Bac Ha – a small highland town located about 70 km from southeast of Lao Cai. The bumpy mountain roads will surely satisfy your adventurous heart. Along the way, you will have the chance to admire the breathtaking views of lush forests, beautiful terraced fields as well as meet friendly ethnic minorities with smiles always on their lips. Do not forget to make some stops to take beautiful photos, keeping the best memories during your trip to Northeast Vietnam.

Our next destination is Bac Ha Market – one of the most famous and vibrant hill tribe markets in Northern Vietnam. The market is busiest on every weekend morning when ethnic minorities in colorful traditional clothes gather here to meet, chat, and exchange goods. Enjoy lunch right at the market with local specialties.

Leaving Bac Ha market, we continue to take you to other outstanding spots such as Ban Pho village, Hoang A Tuong Palace, and Tien cave. After a long day of riding, we have dinner and relax at a homestay, the ideal place for you to learn more about the culture and rustic life of the locals.


  • Distance: 190 km
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Home-stay

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours - 8 days -day 1

Day 2: Bac Ha - Ha Giang

Offering incredible off-road paths, today’s ride could be the most memorable experience of the entire journey. After breakfast, we head to Ha Giang via Hoang Su Phi. Depending on your driving skills, you can choose 2 routes. If you have good riding skills, we recommend the route across Xin Man that is dangerous but impressive with the fantastic scenery of Wind Pass. For those who desire a comfortable ride, the second route is a reasonable choice where we will drive on smooth Highway 2 via Tuyen Quang to Ha Giang.

Coming to Hoang Su Phi, you will be overwhelmed by the natural beauty here. Stunning terraced fields, majestic mountains running to the horizon – all combined to create a masterpiece of Mother Nature.

Passing Hoang Su Phi, we will take some time to explore the peaceful villages of ethnic minorities such as Phin Ho, Nam Hong, Lang Giang, and more. Almost separated from the modern world outside, these villages still retain the wild beauty and featured cultures of this land. Continue heading to Ha Giang city, where we will enjoy dinner and have a good night’s sleep at a local hotel to regain energy for the next ride.


  • Distance: 200 km
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours - 8 days -day 2

Day 3: Ha Giang - Dong Van

The third day starts with a bumpy ride through challenging yet stunning mountain roads to Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark. You will be immersed in the magnificent natural scenery of limestone mountains endlessly stretching to the horizon, stunning paths winding through the hills and vast terraced rice fields. Besides the geological value, Dong Van Plateau also impresses visitors by the unique culture of more than 20 hill tribes, including Nung, H’mong, Tay, Lo Lo, etc. The cooking smoke from the rustic stilt houses and the early fog covering the lush mountains create an incredible watercolor painting that is probably only seen in mountainous areas of Northern Vietnam.

Follow the Highway 4C before turning into Quan Ba ​​, and then, we continue riding on winding roads leading to Yen Minh town and Meo Vac. Along the way, we can stop at some outstanding spots to get closer to nature and take beautiful photos.

We arrive in Dong Van town in the late afternoon. Our crew will have a little more time to explore the charming beauty of this plateau before moving to a local hotel. Enjoy dinner with traditional specialties and chat with hospitable locals to know more about their distinctive customs and daily life.


  • Distance: 160 km
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours - 8 days -day 3

Day 4: Dong Van - Bao Lac

It is a short trip today but promises tons of exciting experiences. Leaving Dong Van town behind, we conquer the 22 km long road to Lung Cu commune, which is known for the famous Lung Cu flagpole. Standing from the top of the flag tower, you can contemplate the panoramic view of the Dong Van Karst plateau, terraced fields, and ethnic villages.

Keep riding through Ma Pi Leng Pass to return to Meo Vac. Considered one of the greatest and most beautiful passes in Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng will surely satisfy the adventurous heart of experienced riders. There are no words to describe exactly the magnificent beauty of the pass, so come here and feel it with your own eyes. Along the way, you will also have the chance to learn more about the lives of the people here. It was truly inspiring to see how they manage life in the rocky mountains. We embark on Highway 4B, cross Ly Bon Bridge, follow Highway 34, and finally reach Bao Lac town in the late afternoon.


  • Distance: 80 km
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours - 8 days -day 4


Day 5: Bao Lac - Cao Bang

Cao Bang city will be our destination today. The first 30 km is quite smooth so you can easily ride on without any obstacles. However, the next 40 km is truly a challenge due to many blind bends. Conquering the Me Pia Pass is not a joke since it is known as one of the most dangerous passes in Northeast Vietnam. But, the breathtaking scenery along the way will make you feel all the difficulties are worth it.

Enjoy lunch before we head to Tinh Tuc – a peaceful town about 70 km from Bao Lac. Continue to ride on a smooth, short road to reach Cao Bang city. Stop at a hotel in this beautiful city where we will relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep.


  • Distance: 130 km
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours - 8 days -day 5

Day 6: Cao Bang - Quang Uyen

After leaving the city, we head to Ma Phuc Pass – one of the most stunning passes of Northeast Vietnam. The pass has 7 levels with dangerous bends meandering the mountain, creating extremely spectacular natural scenery. Except experiencing it for yourself, there is really no word that can accurately describe the wonderful feeling of riding a motorbike through these roads.

Our highlight today is Ban Gioc waterfall which is considered one of the 4 largest waterfalls in the world along the border between two countries. Ban Gioc is famous for its impressive natural landscape with 3 amazing levels and clear blue water flowing into the lake below. It is one of the few waterfalls in Vietnam that retains its pristine beauty due to the small number of tourists coming here.

Lunch at a nearby restaurant before following another route to Quan Uyen, the home of Nung An people. Dinner and overnight at a local homestay.


  • Distance: 140 km
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Home-stay

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours - 8 days -day 6

Day 7: Quang Uyen - Lang Son

From Quang Uyen, we ride on Route No.3 that is quite smooth and surrounded by vast sugarcane fields. Continue to embark on Route 208 to reach Dong Dang town and then follow Route 1A to Lang Son.

We enjoy a late lunch in Lang Son and spend the whole afternoon exploring this beautiful city. Our motorbike team will have a trip to Tam Thanh temple. Amid the bustling city, the temple is nestled in a mysterious cave that preserves many religious, cultural and historical values of local people. Drop by the Dong Kinh market if you want to buy cheap products made in China and then, return to the hotel to have dinner and relax after a long day of riding.


  • Distance: 140 km
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours - 8 days -day 7


Day 8: Back To Hanoi

Enjoy the last moments of our 8-day Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tour before returning to Hanoi. Along the way, we will stop to rest in Bac Ninh, which is famous for traditional folk songs called Quan Ho. We arrive in Hanoi around 4 pm to avoid rush hour. Our tour ends with full of memorable experiences.


  • Distance: 160 km
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours - 8 days -day 7

Vietnam motorbike tours prices for a guided Vietnam motorcycle tour 

*Full package, no hidden cost surprises


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One person 199 USD/day/person 219 USD/day/person 239 USD/day/person
Two people 179 USD/day/person 199 USD/day/person 219 USD/day/person
Three people 159 USD/day/person 179 USD/day/person 199 USD/day/person
From four people 149 USD/day/person 169 USD/day/person 189 USD/day/person



(25-70% OFF-ROAD)




One person 209 USD/day/person 229 USD/day/person 249 USD/day/person
Two people 189 USD/day/person 209 USD/day/person 229 USD/day/person
Three people 169 USD/day/person 189 USD/day/person 209 USD/day/person
From four people 159 USD/day/person 179 USD/day/person 199 USD/day/person

The tour includes

  • Well-experienced tour guides who can speak English fluently and understand customers’ needs.
  • Professional mechanics for emergency cases.
  • A photographer & video recorder for a group of more than 5
  • Recent & Well-Maintained Japanese Bikes
  • Safe & Exceptional Routes
  • Good Accommodation: Eat and sleep in the best locations. Standard hotel or homestay based on double, twins or triple shared room.
  • All meals on tour: Enjoy local Vietnamese food and drink in every region you visit.
  • Gasoline
  • Boat trips on Lakes or Rivers
  • All entrance tickets/ Permits to remote areas
  • Helmets/Gloves and Bright reflecting Jackets
  • Hotel pick up
  • Dirt on your SHOES and FACE or more
  • Videos of the tour (send 1 week after the tour)

The tour excludes:

  • Riding Long Pants (we recommend a pair of jeans)
  • Personal insurance (this at your own risk)
  • Coverage for any damages to gear or the motorcycle
  • Air ticket
  • Visa fee (approximately 25 USD/person, depending on nationality)
  • Travel insurance of any kind
  • Tip, drinks, personal expense and other expenses not described in the itinerary
  • Single Supplement for Single Occupancy


  • We provide vehicle support and driver with an extra price of 150 USD/day/ truck upon your REQUEST!
  • A single stay will cost 20 USD extra/ day
  • If tours do not depart/ end in Hanoi then surcharge for bike shipping to/ back to Hanoi is 120 USD/ bike.
  • VAT Excluded from the price, if you want VAT included, 10% of the total price will be added.


  • To secure your bookings we require a minimal of 30% deposit. Full payment will be made by cash or credit on the first day of the tour.
  • The rider is responsible for any bank charges (surcharge 3,5% if you pay by credit card )
  • If you cancel the tour before the departure date, you will lose 100% of the deposit.
  • If you cancel the tour after the departure date, you will lose 100% of the total cost/ fee of the tour for any reason.
  • A deposit of US$ 100 – 1,000 or more is required for each motorcycle for use in the guided or self-guided motorcycle tours. In case of a self-caused accident, your own participation is up to US$ 2,000 or more.

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