Sapa to Ha Giang Motorbike Tour – 4 days

4/DaysSapa - Muong Khuong - Si Ma Cai- Bac Ha - Xin Man - Hoang Su Pin- Ha Giang

The North of Vietnam is a perfect place to have motorbike tours. This land is where you can find countless impressive landscapes and incredible routes. If you are looking for a journey that can arouse your sense of adventure, the Northwest is exactly a suitable destination. A 4-day motorbike tour from Sapa to Ha Giang is not really long but enough to bring the core values of Northwestern Vietnam. You are about to see imposing yet consternating sceneries, as well as witness fascinating cultures of mountainous ethnic groups. Let’s take a closer look at the itinerary of this promising tour.

  • Tour Grade : Medium
  • Total Distance : 350 km/480 km/235km
  • Hours of Riding per day : 5
  • Support : Disponible
  • Options Onroad and Off- road
Only From : 596
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Day 1: Sapa – Muong Khuong

Let our fantastic trip commence by assembling in Sapa! Today’s destination is Muong Khuong, and to get there, we will follow Highway 4D. This road won’t be something too difficult, but the sudden curves should not be underrated. On the way, you can see the typical landscapes of the Northwest – imposing mountain ranges, dense forests, and the modest villages of ethnic minorities. Muong Khuong is located in the North of Lao Cai province, and it possesses plenty of breathtaking sceneries.

As Muong Khuong has a part of Vietnam – China borderline, it’s not hard to encounter some historical sites here. Every time we come by a plague marking the fierce resistance against the invaders, you will find out a little more about the glorious history of Vietnam.

When we reach Pha Long Border Post, you can see a stone stele, where the territorial integrity of Vietnam is emphasized. On the right of the post is a monument commemorate 37 heroes who died to protect the borderline against Chinese invaders in 1979 February. The battle lasted up to 4 whole days, while Pha Long was utterly isolated. Lo Co Chin border post or Le Dinh Chinh Fortress are both the frontier and the witness of the battle.


  • Distance: 85 km
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Homestay

Sapa motorbike tour

Day 2: Muong Khuong – Si Ma Cai – Bac Ha

The second day of the tour will be more challenging as we have to ride on bumpy and tortuous trails on the way to Si Ma Cai. This is another district of Lao Cai, and its enchantment is second to none. Many people often compare Si Ma Cai to Sapa, and they come to this conclusion: Si Ma Cai is less famous than Sapa, and this is actually a good thing. This keeps Si Ma Cai away from over-tourism and helps the land preserve its cultural features.

In Si Ma Cai, we can contemplate the mind-blowing majesty of the vast terraced fields. Tourists also love to snap numerous pictures on the grounds of buckwheat flowers. But those striking spectacles are not all about this charming land. The community of ten ethnic groups and their diverse cultures seems to be the highlight here. The hospitable locals you see on the street, or the fields are always ready to smile to you.

You have an excellent opportunity to witness unique traditions of not just one, but many ethnic groups. Especially on Saturday (and some holidays), you can join Can Cau kermis. The market at this time will be full of Hoa and H’ mong people. They come here to trade things, to meet and chatter with each other. Some even come here just to chill out. We are going to see different colorful clothes, as well as enjoy delicious local food. Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs for your beloved ones.


  • Distance: 90 km
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel

Sapa motorbike tour

Day 3: Bac Ha – Xi Man

The third day will be even more exciting than the first two days. We start with Bac Ha Market – a traditional beauty of the Northwest. After that, we will leave Bac Ha and ride about 45 kilometers across Lung Cai Mountain to Coc Keo town. The way will include crossing picturesque Nan Ma valley so that we can drop by to take some impressive photos with that striking background. Once we reach Coc Keo, we’ve got to move 25 kilometers more to meet the Xin Man border gate. The toughest challenge in this section today’s ride is the Lung Cai road. This stretch is usually blanketed with mist and cloud, which dramatically reduces our visibility.

We have two ways to go from Bac Ha to Cau Pai. The first option is a 25-kilometer muddy road, while the second one is mossy. Passing Coc Pai means that we are just twenty-five kilometers from the Xin Man border gate. In Xin Man, we have two amazing attractions to visit.

One of them is Nam Dan ancient stone area near Nam Khoong Stream. These stones have existed for approximately 2000 years, and there are strange symbols engraved on them. Each stone has an identical shape, but the same thing about them is a considerable size.

The other is Tien Waterfall (the Fairy Waterfall). The silvery falls have an altitude of 70 meters. The unique thing is that the water here flows quietly; therefore, it is likened to the smooth hair of a fairy. The environs with lush trees and imposing cliffs bring the site an irresistible attraction. At night, we will stay at a hotel in Xin Man town to regain energy.


  • Distance: 165 km
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Homestay

Sapa motorbike tour

Day 4: Xin Man – Hoang Su Phi – Ha Giang

The last day of the trip has come, but there is abundant precious experience ahead waiting for us. On the Bac Quang – Hoang Su Phi route, the grand terraced paddy fields appear right at the Km17. These fields represent the brilliance and laboriousness of people in the area. In the ripe rice seasons, the fields are even more attractive with a golden color. This breathtaking landscape often appears in travel magazines.

Another attraction we should not ignore is the Tay Con Linh peak, which is located in Western Ha Giang. Conquering the mount is never an easy mission. The awe-inspiring slope, the terrifying abyss, the rough dirt tracks, and dense trees together make Tay Con Linh a real dare.

It will be a pity if we miss the Heaven Gate, which is only 40 kilometers from the heart of Hoang Su Phi. We bet that you will be amazed at the grandeur of this landmark. To optimize your experience on this trip, we will visit Nam Hong village – the home of Red Yao people. The village can offer more than you can expect – the extended terraced fields, Thong Nguyen hot spring, the ancient tea hills of Phin Ho, Giang Ha waterfall, etc. Here you can witness the daily life and unique customs of Yao ethnic group as well. After lunch, we will ride back to the starting point and end this fantastic trip.


  • Distance: 140 km
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Hotel

Sapa motorbike tour

Vietnam motorbike tours prices for a guided tour from Sapa to Ha Giang

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One person199 USD/day/person219 USD/day/person239 USD/day/person
Two people179 USD/day/person199 USD/day/person219 USD/day/person
Three people159 USD/day/person179 USD/day/person199 USD/day/person
From four people149 USD/day/person169 USD/day/person189 USD/day/person



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One person209 USD/day/person229 USD/day/person249 USD/day/person
Two people189 USD/day/person209 USD/day/person229 USD/day/person
Three people169 USD/day/person189 USD/day/person209 USD/day/person
From four people159 USD/day/person179 USD/day/person199 USD/day/person

The tour includes

  • Well-experienced tour guides who can speak English fluently and understand customers’ needs.
  • Professional mechanics for emergency cases.
  • A photographer & video recorder for a group of more than 5
  • Recent & Well-Maintained Japanese Bikes
  • Safe & Exceptional Routes
  • Good Accommodation: Eat and sleep in the best locations. Standard hotel or homestay based on double, twins or triple shared room.
  • All meals on tour: Enjoy local Vietnamese food and drink in every region you visit.
  • Gasoline
  • Boat trips on Lakes or Rivers
  • All entrance tickets/ Permits to remote areas
  • Helmets/Gloves and Bright reflecting Jackets
  • Hotel pick up
  • Dirt on your SHOES and FACE or more
  • Videos of the tour (send 1 week after the tour)

The tour excludes:

  • Riding Long Pants (we recommend a pair of jeans)
  • Personal insurance (this at your own risk)
  • Coverage for any damages to gear or the motorcycle
  • Air ticket
  • Visa fee (approximately 25 USD/person, depending on nationality)
  • Travel insurance of any kind
  • Tip, drinks, personal expense and other expenses not described in the itinerary
  • Single Supplement for Single Occupancy


  • We provide vehicle support and driver with an extra price of 150 USD/day/ truck upon your REQUEST!
  • A single stay will cost 20 USD extra/ day
  • If tours do not depart/ end in Hanoi then surcharge for bike shipping to/ back to Hanoi is 120 USD/ bike.
  • VAT Excluded from the price, if you want VAT included, 10% of the total price will be added.


  • To secure your bookings we require a minimal of 30% deposit. Full payment will be made by cash or credit on the first day of the tour.
  • The rider is responsible for any bank charges (surcharge 3,5% if you pay by credit card )
  • If you cancel the tour before the departure date, you will lose 100% of the deposit.
  • If you cancel the tour after the departure date, you will lose 100% of the total cost/ fee of the tour for any reason.
  • A deposit of US$ 100 – 1,000 or more is required for each motorcycle for use in the guided or self-guided motorcycle tours. In case of a self-caused accident, your own participation is up to US$ 2,000 or more.

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