Tips for trekking the pristine off-road – Pha Luong Moc Chau Vietnam

Known as the roof of Moc Chau Vietnam, Pha Luong, the peak with around 2,000 meters in height above sea level, has drawn the attention of many young people who like conquering fascinating and winding routes recently.

Pha Luong is considered as the natural boundaries of Vietnam and Laos. It is about 40km from Moc Chau town to the peak. Along with Ta Xua ( Son La province), Pha Luong Mount is well-known as one of the great locations for admiring incredible scenery of mountains, hunting clouds, and watching the early dawn in Northwest Vietnam.

Best time to travel Pha Luong, Moc Chau Vietnam

Mustard flower season

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The mustard flower season in Pha Luong runs from the end of November until December. Therefore, travelers should come to this destination at that time to see the mustard flowers at their best.
At that time, the fields, valleys, roads, and hillsides are filled with bright yellow flowers, making it look like a dreamy wonderland that is great for visitors to immerse themselves into nature and peace. Witnessing the scene that the millions of mustard flower bulbs are blooming at the same time and covering the vast slopes with bright yellow will be an unforgettable experience.

Plum blossom season

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One of the greatest times that travelers should not skip when visiting Moc Chau Vietnam is the plum blossom season. In this plateau, plum blossom is a typical flower that cannot be found anywhere. The plum blossom season in Moc Chau lasts for a very short time, just about 2-3 weeks. If travelers want to see the plum blossom at their best, they should plan their trip at the right time.

Plum flower season

According to experienced travelers and the local people, the plum blossom season usually runs at the end of January until the mid of February. However, based on the weather in each year, the time of plum blossom blooming may be sooner or later. Visitors should find out the information in advance to catch that mesmerizing scenery.

Phieng Canh, Long Luong, Ba Khe, Thong Cuong, Pa Phach, Tan Lap, and Ang villages are home to the beautiful flowering plum blossoms. In particular, the areas of pine forest in Ang village and the road to Long Sap border gate are the best places to enjoy the scene that plum blossoms are blooming and filling everything with its pure white flowers.

Peach blossom season

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You have missed the plum blossom season and are wondering where you should travel in Valentine season? Do not worry. The peach blossom season in Moc Chau Vietnam, which begins about two weeks after the plum blossom season, is waiting for you.

When should backpackers visit Moc Chau to catch peach blossom season?

Coming to Moc Chau in the plum blossom season and mustard flower season, visitors will be overwhelmed by the view of Moc Chau filled with pure white or bright yellow flowers. You will be immersed themselves into the romantic, charming scene of the pink of vast peach forests.

Long Luong is a H’mong village that is situated nearby Highway 6. It is home to the most beautiful peach blossom forest.

Ban flower season

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After the plum blossom and peach blossom seasons, the plateau is covered with the bright purple and white of ban flowers.
According to the legend, ban flowers come with a love story. The flower is named after the girl in this story. Therefore, to the local people living in Northwest Vietnam, the ban flower presents for faithfulness and pure beauty of a girl and warm dreaming youth.

The ban flower season runs from March to May, but the best time to see this flower blooming is at the beginning of April. To catch this fascinating scenery, visitors should go to Moc Chau Vietnam at the right time.
Moreover, there is the Het Cha festival of the Thai people, which takes place on March 23rd -26th. Therefore, visitors can join the festival and explore the local tradition when visiting Moc Chau in the ban flower season.

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Tea season

Considered as one of the most fantastic travel destinations in the Northwest of Vietnam, Moc Chau plateau is well-known for not only its alluring flower seasons but also its immense green tea hills.
Coming to this plateau at the end of April, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a dreamy and mellow of the sea of green tea. It is an excellent place for travelers to find peace in mind. Especially, the plateau also owns a very famous heart-shaped tea hill, which is the most attractive tourist destination that visitors should not skip when coming here.

Exploring Pha Luong for off-road experiences

From Hanoi, tourists can check out some Vietnam motorcycle tours to reach Moc Chau town. The journey from Moc Chau to Pha Luong peak with 6 kilometer off-road enthralls tourists with breathtaking mountainous sight, vast green forests, steep cliffs. Also, travelers have a closer look at the daily life, unique culture, and tradition of the H’mong people.

The 6-kilometer off-road path from Pha Luong village to the Pha Luong border station is quite challenging because of its slippery and eroded parts.

The permission to enter the route is required at the Pha Luong border station because this mountain peak is situated in the Vietnam – Laos border area. The trekking procedure requires your passport or personal ID. The climbing fee is usually VND 10,000 and VND 20,000 for overnight stay.

Tourists should check out the information about “no climbing” on rainy days to ensure safety for your journey. It is noted that travelers should prepare foods before arriving here since there is no market in the village.
The best time to chase clouds in Pha Luong peak is when the dawn break over the mountains and horizon before 7 a.m.

With the experiences shared in this article, we hope that you will have an impressive journey through the interesting off-road routes in Pha Luong, Moc Chau Vietnam.