Top 9 motorcycles for your Vietnam motorcycle trip

Vietnam motorcycle trips become popular among youngsters who crave for exciting, extraordinary experiences. But to choose a safe bike for these trips can be a problem for many people. To avoid all the unexpected situations, you should pocket the list of top 9 brands for motorcycles below.

As the road-trip trend flourishes in youth communities, motorbikes have been their first choice for traveling. For many people, in comparison with sitting comfortably in a car with air-cooler, beating their asses off riding through rough courses and pinhole bends is quite a fascinating alternative. And you cannot do so without owning a close companion- the “steel horse” that will carry you through the challenging journeys.

It is important to decide which motorbike will be used to go conquering with. We understood your concern and compiled a list of top 9 motorbike names preferred by our travelers for your safe Vietnam motorcycle tours.


3 best motorcycle brands in Vietnam today

Honda, Yamaha, or Suzuki are the most prominent motorcycle names in the Vietnamese two-wheeler market. Each of them brings riders different experiences and benefits. So which one should you choose to buy or rent a motorcycle to go on a Vietnam motorcycle trip?

To be able to choose the most suitable two-wheel models, you need to pay attention to some advantages and disadvantages of these 3 brands.

Honda motorcycles Vietnam

This brand specializes in providing fuel-efficient motorcycles with cheap and replaceable parts. In case Honda spare parts are not available, then you can choose to use second-hand parts. This choice won’t affect the quality of the vehicle.

That being said, besides lots of advantages, Honda adventure bikes have some drawbacks. Specifically, the design is not highly appreciated while some motorcycles of the brand like Honda Vision offer few prominent features. Sometimes, at high speed, Honda Air Blade produces loud sounds.

Yamaha motorcycles Vietnam

If you are hunting for a two-wheeler that can run smoothly and offer incredible riding experiences, a Yamaha motorcycle. Besides, almost all the models from Yamaha come with an eye-catching appearance and standard accessories.

However, Yamaha’s fuel consumption is slightly higher than that of Honda. Meanwhile, it will be a difficult task to find spare parts at reasonable prices out there.

Suzuki motorcycles Vietnam

We bet that not any motorcycle brands in Vietnam can give driving pleasure as much as Suzuki. Whether you are a beginner or a professional rider, you will get a great feeling while sitting on the back of Suzuki motorcycles. Similar to Honda motorcycles, you can save a great deal of money on fuel with suzuki dr-z400.

The biggest disadvantage of Suzuki is that their parts are quite expensive and sometimes they are not available in the market.

After that, we will list the names of 9 popular m that mainly come from these motorcycle brands.

Top 9 cool two-wheel models for a Vietnam motorcycle trip

Honda Winner

Honda Winner

Any list of top safe motorcycles for travelers is not completed without Honda Winner. It is a manual clutch bike with a multi-layered design. The chassis and fairing set is modeled in a 3-D fashion that accentuates sport style and agility and suits exclusively for motorbike travelers.

Recently, Honda Winner has had a new upgraded version. It is Winner X that offers some outstanding improvements. With many superior features, Honda Winner is the perfect choice for a Vietnam motorcycle trip.

Suzuki Raider 150

The design of Suzuki Raider 150 takes inspiration from racing bikes with a sport-like bodywork. It is vigorous and fashionable. The chassis and engine block fit harmoniously in a body, which makes itself strongly resembles a true sportbike.

The head has a slim design to reduce wind buffering or air turbulence around the front fairing at high speed. It also has a liquid cooling system. The bike is lighter than most of its rivals, thus coming in handy on off-road courses.

Honda MSX125

Honda Msx125

If you still muse over which motorbike model to pick for a safe Vietnam motorcycle trip, the Honda Msx125 might be a great choice. It is designed on the premise that its compactness provides mobility in operation. Outer features are refined to accentuate the sportlike style. The bike comes in three different colors. It also has an impressive fuel economy rating for its power, a preferable quality for a motorbike when you like doing long tours.

Yamaha Exciter

Yamaha Exciter

It’s another familiar brand to motorcycle travelers, it was named the street king for the highest sale volume in its market sector. As a manual clutch bike, Yamaha Exciter best suits male riders for its vigorous speed and high endurance. The 2018 version adds a small under-seat storage space to place a raincoat or gloves. If you do not own this motorbike, you can easily find a leasing vendor to rent it for a reasonable price, just 200,000 VND per day.

Yamaha R15

Yamaha R15

Yamaha R15 is not a strange name to young motorbike fans, especially among motorcycle travelers. The new sport-like bike is desired widely by riders for its robust, fashionable bodywork, and its respectable performance for both engine power and top speed.

This model is quite pricey. But you can rent one at an affordable price if you don’t want to buy it yet.

Honda Fortune 125

Honda Fortune 125 originated from the factories of Wuyang Honda Motors in China, which is probably why it is so practical and suitable for regular Vietnamese riders at a very reasonable price of 41 million VND.
Fortune 125 is a manual clutch bike with a 125cc four-stroke engine which is considerably powerful and stable.

Another attractive feature is its long, wide seat that will be comfortable for long riding tours. The great gas mileage is also one of its great pluses.

Honda Wave

Honda Wave

Honda Wave is a popular brand for everyone regardless of age or sex. Throughout its long history in the Vietnamese market, the bike is always favored for its compact, lightweight form, low fuel consumption, and low price.

Experienced motorbike travelers often say that Honda bikes tend to have great mileage and their spare parts easy can be acquired easily at cheap prices. In addition, they also don’t require genuine parts. In the case of Honda Wave Alpha, the bike is designed for everyday usage, that is to say, it can endure all kinds of operating conditions: hot or cold or wet weather, flooded or dirt road or crowded street. It is really a rough gem of many colors.


Emerged in Vietnam in the late sixties or early seventies, this specialized motorbike has been popularized chiefly in the northern loop Vietnam for its superior performance on steep slopes and its ability to maneuver through dangerous, winding passes while under heavy loads. In general, it comes with desirable attributes for a traveling motorcycle.

For its distinguished properties, notwithstanding its ancient design, this bike is still loved by both old and young riders. With a 125cc two-stroke engine, Minsk is proved to be a trustworthy favored motorcycle for traveling.

Suzuki DR-Z400SM

Suzuki DR-Z400SM

Suzuki DR-Z400SM is a dual-sport motorbike that has a minimalist design with long-travel front forks, great suspension, knobby tires, and high hang front fenders.
Although still new in Vietnam, the influence it brings to the rider community is astonishing. This model is one of the most favored bikes for those with frequent traveling habits. Highly capable on rough and muddy roads as well as mountain passes or rocky streams for bolstering its companion riding travelers.

Reminder: Before hitting the road, do not forget to check on your motorbike thoroughly. This step plays a key factor in deciding the success and enjoyment of your journey.

In conclusion

Above mentioned are all the motorcycles most favored by backpackers when they take a Vietnam motorbike tour. They promise to bring a safe trip through the diverse and pretty lands encountered on your Vietnam motorcycle tours.

Even so, large displacement bikes like Honda CRF250L, Honda CRF150L, and Honda XR150L are available in BM Travel Adventure, a reliable place to rent a motorcycle in Vietnam should be considered if you want a more challenging and satisfying riding experience during your Vietnam motorcycle tours. For off-road pros and riding enthusiasts, only these powerful beasts can hit their spot.