Vietnam Motorbike Ride – 5 Tips To Create A Fantastic Vietnam Travel On Your Motorcycle!

Are you going to make a Vietnam motorbike ride to celebrate your unforgettable vacation? Make sure your plan includes all these important tips!

Fed up with package tours out there? Travelling by motorbike can be your savior. Wanderlusts nowadays have a tendency to make their own trips to enjoy their holiday differently. Especially in Vietnam, a number of visitors choose the motorcycle as their main vehicle to travel from place to place.

As a consequence, to satisfy the great demand for this kind of travel, motorbike tours have been developed, getting more and more popular with both domestic and foreign tourists. 

If you are the one who is planning to experience Vietnam motorbike ride, check out these tips below to make sure you have all the significant things covered!

#1 Planning A Route For A Long-distance Bike Trip in Vietnam Motorbike Ride

A Route For A Long-distance Bike Trip

Do you know what is the most important thing before any trip? Yes,  a well-organized preparation! A pretty good outline is the most necessary thing you have to do first. So my advice to you is to plan out carefully where and when you will be riding, arrange all the destinations you want to visit in good order. I believe that you will not want to spend time and effort riding again and again in one way to visit several places because of your lack of arrangement! 

Furthermore, where you will stop for breaks and meals such as restaurants or rest stops should be taken notice. From my experience, you should not motorbike for a long time without resting because it will affect your alertness and safety! 

So, let’s write down everything you need to keep in mind as clearly as possible, make a good order after considering the places and time and this preparation will result in a wonderful motorbike trip.

#2 Paying Attention To The Weather Conditions

Paying Attention To The Weather Conditions

The second element that you need to take into consideration is the weather of the destinations you will reach. Imagine how terrible it would be if you enjoyed the scenery in bad weather! I experienced visiting Da Lat without considering the weather, and unfortunately, it was the rainy season here. You may think that it was such a romantic ambiance but poor me, it was not!  I could not see the fascinating beauty as other people reviewed just because of my carelessness! 

Therefore, to make sure you won’t make this mistake again, I suggest you should carefully track the weather of where you will be riding, especially when you make a Vietnam motorbike ride  – the country with the tropical monsoon climate.

So, before hitting the road, make sure you have looked for enough information about weather forecasts. It is well-advised that the dry season is the best time for you to make a motor ride as it is windier, less sunny than the summer and there’s no rain. You can also refer to the country’s tourism websites to check the time they usually organize their trips and take it as good advice.

When you are riding, there will be some unpredictable situations such as heavy rains or storms; therefore, it is best to bring along with you some essential tools such as raincoats, waterproof boots, and waterproof bags or ask residents for help to avoid being impacted by the weather conditions. 

#3 Renting Or Buying A Suitable Bike In Vietnam

 Renting Or Buying A Suitable Bike In Vietnam 

As the motorbike is mainly used by Vietnamese people when travelling, it is quite easy for you to buy or rent one. However, it depends on several important features to choose a suitable bike for your Vietnam motorbike ride

The first factor is the topographic features. Once you make a plan for your long-lasting trip, you have to know exactly the topography of each route your bike will be passing through so that you can decide on a motorbike that will suit these routes best. 

If you pick the wrong one, for example, a gas motorbike for the mountainous terrain, it will not only discomfort you during the ride but also damage your vehicle due to the strain of the rough terrain. 

My advice for this is, for the rough terrain such as mountains, valleys, highlands, you should rent or buy a large displacement motorcycle with a strong engine and a comfortable seat which can help you ride smoothly for a long time without feeling exhausted. There are some types of motorbikes you can refer to such as HONDA XR150, HONDA CRF150L, HONDA CRF250L, SUZUKI DRZ400, HUSQVARNA FC450, Honda CB500X 

In case your ride only travels across delta provinces, a manual transmission motorcycle with a strong engine or an automatic transmission motorcycle are good choices for this flat terrain. Some famous brands of motorbike such as Honda, SYM, Yamaha should be your top priority due to their reliability and popularity.  

Another point that you need to keep in mind is fully inspecting your Honda adventure bikes before starting your trip. One of the best ways to check your bike fully is using the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s T-C-L-O-C-S method: 

Tires: check your tires’ pressure by a tire pressure gauge and the tread of your tire. If there is any likelihood that your vehicle is close to replacing a new set, just do it as tire failure is the most important problem that you need to take notice of. 

Controls: Make sure that your cables, clutch, and brakes of your motorbike work well. Your controls must work smoothly, as well.

Lights: Frequently check all your lights to make sure that they work well, do the same with your bike’s turn signal and brake light. 

Oil and fluids: Take stock of enough oil for your long trip, as well as some fluids consisting of the motorbike engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid. 

Chassis: Pay attention to your frame, check the suspension and chain of your motorbike once again to make sure they are secure and strong.

Stands: Inspect your both centre and side stand to make sure they are not cracked and the springs also work smoothly enough. 

Here are all you need to check before making a Vietnam motorbike ride! Although it is the most essential thing you need to do, do not skip these tips below because they are important as well. Now, keep moving on!

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#4 Bringing Along With You The Best Travel Backpack

Bringing Along With You The Best Travel Backpack

Depending on the bike you ride, you will have different belongings, but all of them should have enough room for essential things. Consider the length of your trip before deciding how many things you want to bring along with. 

If you just make a short trip for a few days in several places, you only need to take some items such as personal belongings, food, water, a motorcycle tool kit and some other repair necessities. Raincoats, glasses, and waterproof boots should be also taken in case there is bad weather. 

How about a long trip such as a cross country motorcycle trip? Well, my advice is beside your must-have list, you also need a camping tent or a sleeping bag for resting outside. 

Don’t forget to bring some medicines for flu, fever or digestive diseases in case you have any health problems but there is no drugstore there. You don’t want to end up in bad weather, do you?

#5 Some Other Tips

You have done all the preparation well? Great! But if you still worry about your first long trip, I will give you some more small tips for your perfect motorbike ride. Let’s check it out!!!! 

Get to know the motorcycle legality in Vietnam

There are some basic differences between travelling in Vietnam and in other countries. People here mostly use motorcycles, so the traffic is usually stuck, which will be hard for foreign people to adapt to. Therefore, spending your time researching the legality as well as practising riding in Vietnam for some days is necessary for you to drive in safe, avoid unexpected accidents. 

Don’t let yourself get lost in insane traffic here!

If you don’t know how to drive a motorcycle but still have one Vietnam motorcycle road trip, don’t worry about that. We will take care of it, you don’t have to scare about the traffic law or driving license just siting back of the bike tours and enjoy your trip with us. check here!

Bring along your legal driver’s license with you 

Although you have had your driver’s license in your country, you should carefully check whether it is legal in Vietnam or not. In recent years, due to the great demand for driving the motorbike in Vietnam, foreigners now can convert their driver’s licenses into legal ones in Vietnam. If you don’t do this conversion, you will be riding illegally and I have to say that it is not a good idea. We can help you to convert your local license to International driver license. check here

Refer to some Vietnam motorbike tours

Vietnam motorbike tours

As I said, there have been more and more motorbike tours held to satisfy the big demanhttps://vietnammotorbiketoursclub.comd for travelling of tourists. If it is the first time you travel by bike, I highly recommend joining a tour with experienced tourists, which will not only help you ride safer but also be a chance for you to get acquainted with many other foreign riders like you.

There are some tourism agents selling Vietnam motorbike tours in Hanoi and other areas throughout the country. But if you start the trip in Hanoi, we highly recommend BM Travel Adventure, located at No.36, Duy Tan street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi.


So, after reading these tips, do you find it easier to make a plan for your Vietnam motorbike ride? Maybe there will be a lot of things for you to prepare, but I ensure that these things will give you unforgettable memories! Hopefully, with these tips, you can organize your trip perfectly and with this fascinating adventure, your vacation will be best celebrated!! 

Thank you for your viewing!