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The way we ride

How do we organize motorbike tours in Vietnam?

Life is an interesting series of days, there are sad and happy days, and there are also trips.

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With knowledge and experience about Vietnam’s geography, culture and people, we know how to give you the perfect ride. To get a motorbike in Vietnam, you don’t need too much luxury; just a car and a wise companion will have a perfect and memorable trip here. We also understand that comfort and flexibility are essential for an unforgettable motorcycle trip for any motorcycle enthusiast. So Bm Travel Motorbike Tours is trying our best to create the most comfortable and enjoyable rides. Please see how we organize a motorbike tour in the following section.

For a memorable and safe trip in Vietnam, we always start from the outskirts of Hanoi, where you pick up a motorbike and other essentials such as helmets, protective clothing by motorbike, gloves and luggage. On the city’s outskirts, there are always fewer people, and the beautiful scenery is also a highlight of your journey. However, riding a motorbike in the middle of a crowded and hectic city like Hanoi is also a memorable experience in everyone’s life. If you like, you can try it. Why not? Most of our tours start and end in Hanoi, but we can start and end in any city in Vietnam according to your requirements

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Most motorbike tours have a skilled and professional guide and mechanic. They can choose splendid and affordable roads for you. Therefore, you don’t have to do anything but enjoy the safe ride and other differences along the way. Don’t worry about anything because that’s our responsibility. The important thing to a great trip is not where to go but how and with whom. That’s our secret to making your trip unforgettable.

We always strive to create the best trips at affordable prices for travellers. Besides, we always have the best solutions for unexpected cases (The trip is affected by bad weather, disease or a change of route). We are always ready to hear from our guests how to make your journey more enjoyable and live up to your expectations.

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Travelling by motorbike is always a unique journey of discovery. So we always leave the cruise on a suitable day; there may be short journey days but extremely difficult to overcome, and there are also long journeys but you feel very relaxed and see majestic all around.

Most motorbike tours start the day at the right time. During our tour, we will stop for about 15-20 minutes to relax every 1 to 1.5 hours ride. Also, we can have some short stops to take pictures of the locals’ ordinary moments, enjoy the breathtaking views, just walk around to visit special attractions or enjoy a local drink.

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We enjoy a vacation other than a race. However, in undesired circumstances, these are not at all true. This is the case with off-road tours. Off-road tours are only for experienced and healthy drivers. Sometimes, you must be mentally prepared to sleep wherever possible, including in the woods or the home of a local family.

What about luggage? This is a relatively frequent question. And the answer is always the following: Everyone goes by their own motorbike. Therefore, you can tie your luggage to the motorcycle saddle bag or the back of the motorbike for heavy and bulky luggage. Motorcycles are designed in a way that allows you to tie your luggage in the back. We also provide assistive motorbikes (if you wish) that can carry whatever you choose.

+ In long-day tours or even short-day routes, we design alternate driving-free days. You can enjoy your days without driving comfortably by going fishing, taking scenic walks in unique places, or taking a boat tour of natural lakes and islands on the lake. Then we can enjoy a BBQ lunch at these places.

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+ Experience travelling by motorbike is a necessary condition for a perfect trip. For tourists with no driving experience, traffic in Vietnam can seem crazy. If you are one of those travellers, you can sit behind your guide or friend with experience driving. We also set up driving lessons for newbies at reasonable prices, or we can offer a free driving course to those who have last driven in years and use our service. For more information, please contact us.

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