The most beautiful loop routes in Ha Giang Motorbike Tour – 2021

We have been to a lot of places and one thing I can assure you is that the roads of Northeast, Northwest of Vietnam always attract motorcycle lovers. If you want to see the scenery but still want to experience the thrills in Vietnam, come to Ha Giang. Why did I say that? In fact, Ha Giang Motorbike Tour is home to the most beautiful roads in the North of Vietnam. Ha Giang loop possesses dreamy and long stretches that are also very challenging for people who crave adrenaline rushes. Join us to learn about the Ha Giang loop route and arrange your luggage for the trip to this awesome place now! 

Ha Giang Motorbike Tour – the best route for off-road riders 

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As I stated above, Ha Giang loop route is an ideal choice for anyone who is passionate about challenges. We know how exciting it is to overcome a challenge and wish to accompany you through the rugged passes. We hope that you are not afraid of the narrow space because this loop has single tracks with only enough room for an off-road motorcycle to pass. 

The path we are talking about leads to countless interesting scenes. You will have the opportunity to pass Ma Pi Leng Pass or drive through Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark. You cannot fully enjoy the magnificent picture of Ha Giang without going through these two destinations. We will ride your motorbike to cross a craggy mountain ridge that looks like cat ears to look up at the stone houses of the H’mong people on the high pass. While discovering this land, travelers will feel all the magnificence of nature as well as the harshness of the lives of the people in the remote areas. If you want to get closer to the ethnic minorities in this mountainous area, we will accompany you to Meo Vac, Bao Lac, and so on. 

One thing for sure is that we will not be able to fully feel the beauty of Ha Giang without stopping by a native village. Come to Ha Giang once to see the rustic houses in the middle of mountain rocks, fields of corn and soybean plants planted in small pieces of poor land and smeared but smiley faces of the manual labors of H’mong, Dao, and Tay. 


The most beautiful Ha Giang loop routes you cannot miss 

The land of fragrant grass with many strange flowers has many beautiful scenes that you should not miss. The roads in Ha Giang will make your jaws drop because of their natural beauty. Ha Giang is desolate but not monotonous, dull and scary as you might think. In Ha Giang, when you are tired on the hillside, you can stop to enjoy the sound of a trumpet or flute that is sometimes near, far, creating a joyful and bustling space. Or colorful love markets, where boys and girls go on dates and communicate with each other through music and folk dance. If you come here on festive occasions, you will enjoy the holy songs in the middle of Northwest mountains and forests. The Northwestern music pieces are pure and intimate but a bit separate, which leaves a deep impression on every visitor. So, if you do not come to Ha Giang, will you have the opportunity to admire those miracles? 

Following are Ha Giang loop routes that you should experience on the trip to Ha Giang. 

Ha Giang → Yen Minh → Dong Van → Meo Vac → Ma Pi Leng Pass → Du Gia → Ha Giang → Bao Lac

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Let us tell you more about this route! We will also cross a total of 600 km of hilly roads in Ha Giang. We will pass two famous passes including Heaven’s Gate Pass and Ma Pi Leng pass. Visitors will experience the unique mountainous culture at Yen Minh Town and listen to the thrilling stories of H’mong King Mansion. Then, take a ride to the Lung Cu Flag pole, where give you a chance to learn a lot about the Vietnamese history. Besides, you cannot ignore UNESCO-recognized Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark before going to the golden rice fields in Hoang Su Phi and immersing in the natural beauty of Ban Phung terraces and Thac Ba Lake

Hanoi → Vu Linh (Thac Ba lake ) → Ha Giang City → Dong Van (Ma Pi Leng pass) → Bao Lac → Ba Be Lake → Hanoi

Ha Giang Motorbike tour 2

The motorcycle lovers who follow this route will start their trip in Vu Linh and reach the ultimate destination of Thac Ba Lake, which is very quiet, green, cool, and fresh, and covered with the smooth green forest. You will feel as if this artificial lake merged into with the whole mountainous space. We will explore the Dao village here. By the way, you and the locals will enjoy a little Dao rice wine and interesting songs and dances of the ethnic people. After you, you ride on easier roads to go to Ha Giang city. Along the way, you will encounter countless points of sight and gradually feel the urban atmosphere. We will head to Ha Giang Love Market and spend some time checking Ba Be Lake out.

To have a perfect journey to explore Ha Giang, you need to know: Experiences for safe Vietnam motorcycle trips

Hanoi → Ba Be → Meo Vac → Dong Van → Lung Cu → Ha Giang → Xin Man → Bac Ha market → Lao Cai → Sapa

Ha Giang Motorbike tour 3

If you want to enjoy some of the cool highland breezes, don’t hesitate to join Ha Giang Motorbike Tour from Hanoi, Ha Giang to Sapa.

Firstly, you will experience the sights at Ba Be Lake, and Meo Vac, then pass Ma Pi Leng Pass to reach the Flag Tower or the H’Mong King’s Palace. Moreover, when taking this route, you will be led to the ripe golden rice fields in Xin Man and set foot in Sapa – the land where all four seasons bring pleasant feelings. 

Hanoi → Vu Linh → Ha Giang → Dong Van → Bao Lac → Cao Bang → Ban Gioc → Quang Uyen → Lang Son → Hanoi

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To explore every corner of Ha Giang loop, it is recommended to take a Vietnam dirt bike tour from Hanoi to Lang Son. This is a good opportunity for you to escape the noise of the hustling and bustling Hanoi. From the starting point, you ride through Thac Ba Lake and reach the heaven’s gate of Dong Van. The next destination is Ban Gioc Waterfall before you find your way to Lang Son. 

Hanoi → Yen Bai → Nghia Lo → Tu Le → Mu Cang Chai → Than Uyen → Sapa → Bac Ha → Pho Rang → Ha Giang → Dong Van → Meo Vac → Cao Bang → Ba Be → Hanoi

Ha Giang Motorbike tour 5

A motorbike trip from Hanoi to Ba Be National Park also give a lot of unforgettable experiences via Ha Giang loop. Tourists will be sightseeing and challenging themselves on the long paths. After the hardcore ride, you also should spend time resting on the road while admiring breathtaking scenes. Let’s take a breath of fresh air and approach Vietnamese beauty in many different ways. 

Hanoi → Nghia Lo → Than Uyen → Sapa → Bac Ha → Ha Giang → Dong Van → Bao Lac → Cao Bang → Lang Son → Ha Long → Hanoi

Ha Giang Motorbike tour 6

Relaxing during the motorbike tour from Hanoi to Halong Bay is also a good suggestion. With the routes mentioned above, we only can overlook the beautiful scenery from the magnificent mountains to the flowery plains, but this one will bring you great sea experiences. When participating in this tour, you will travel to the northern mountains, follow the roads winding around the mountains and plains before setting foot on Halong Bay

Should you take a motorbike tour? 

You can choose travel alone or hire a tour operator. In case you are not confident enough to travel by yourself, we recommend you to take the service of BM Travel Motorbike Tour, which  is a guide team with years of experience of taking riders through exciting off-road paths for various adventurous experiences. 

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Last but not least, the company will help you have the most fun from tip to toe because it  offers tour guides that have deep knowledge of the mountainous offroads and cultures. 

This trip will be very special for adventure junkies. So are you hungry for road trips? Join the trip around Ha Giang loop route to conquer the best off-road routes in Vietnam. 

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